Accident Recovery 24/7 Call Outs

Denmark Roadside Assist and Towing, services all accidents on WA’s South Coast; Walpole, Denmark, Albany and around the Great Southern Region. Expect rapid and approved response, whether you are a private call out, insurance covered, or a roadside assistance program member (RAC or other).

Call Emergency 000 if anyone is injured or there is any imminent danger

Keep calm and wait at the scene of the accident until the police and ambulance arrive. For minor incidents, with no injuries, the police don’t need to be called.

Remain calm and civil with other drivers, and follow the steps below:

Turn on your hazard lights, to warn oncoming road users.

Exchange driver details; including name, address, contact, insurer and vehicle description.

Record witness details.

Where safe and possible, clear the roadway of vehicles and wreckage.

Record details of the crash; time, date, and location, including cross streets.

Call your local (approved) tow truck –
042 789 2789: Talisman Motors.

Budget Direct

Depend on us for safe and appropriate roadside action and recovery

Car accidents are shocking and frightening for everyone involved. Even minor collisions are unexpected and can be stressful.

We are here to take the stress out of an unfortunate incident and get you back on the road, in the quickest and safest way possible.

Michael Collins is owner operator of Denmark Roadside Assist and Towing.

An approved RAC contractor, Michael has been providing rapid response to accident call outs for 20 years.

Michael services all insurers, all independent (non insured call outs); Local District Police, the RAC and other insurer programs.

In the event of an accident, you can count on Denmark Roadside Assist and Towing for appropriate roadside action, and follow up services:

Rapid 24/7 response, 365 days a year.

Winching bogged vehicles to safety.

Emergency diagnostics and roadside clean up.

Roadside assessment of how drivable your vehicle is.

Appropriate roadside services, e.g. tyre replacement and electrical issues.

Safe vehicle towing, up to 2 cars, or car plus caravan/boat.

Safe passenger transit.

Assistance with insurance administration.

Tow and hold of vehicles for further assessment.

Where necessary, safe transit and custody of personal belongings.

4×4 recovery of vehicles involved in an accident at a beach or off road location.

Follow up diagnosis services, or secondary tow to dealer or mechanic of your choice.

Impact Situation

If your vehicle has been involved in an impact situation and is dented/damaged, but seemingly drivable, you must take into consideration that unseen issues may have occurred.

These issues could cause further, and potentially dangerous, complications down the road.

Denmark Roadside Assist and Towing, are able to diagnose.

However, you may need a tow to our workshop, or a mechanic of your choice, to assess the damage further.

Available to all drivers, Denmark, Albany and beyond…

Denmark Roadside Assist and Towing services are available to all insurers and private (non insured) call outs, in the area: Denmark, Albany, Walpole, Mount Barker and other towns around the South Coast and Great Southern regions of WA.

Over 25 years of service in roadside assistance and vehicle towing

As an RAC contractor serving in the region since 1996, Michael has been awarded a number of RAC Certificates of Excellence, for friendly and effective roadside assistance; towing, assessments and workshop diagnosis.

These certificates are awarded to road recovery patrols, who have delivered exceptional value, or been recognised by customers for outstanding service.

Call Michael at Talisman Motors, in workshop hours for appointment towing and diagnosis services.

Living the RAC value of Member’s First

‘This certificate is in recognition of living the RAC value of Member’s First, by providing exceptional service to our members. Well done mate’.

Country Coordinators, March 2016.

RAC Roadside Assistance – Certificates of Excellence

Recognition for exceptional service over 20 years.

RAC Member

Certificate of Excellence nomination, 2013

An RAC member contacted us to let us know how grateful he was for (Michael’s) kindness during a stressful time.

Team Leader, Country.

Holiday maker, towing a caravan, experiences engine troubles

‘An RAC member said ‘Talisman Motors diagnosed the problem and in due course on receipt pf parts from Albany, had us back to normal. What was so comforting to us was the friendly and helpful manner which they displayed’.

RAC Member

Certificate of Excellence nomination, 2011

‘RAC Member – said she has had a few calls outs lately and would like to say how fantastic every service experience has been. She would like to extend thanks to you, Michael and acknowledge how great he was at helping her’.

RAC Member

Motoring Operations Team Leader, June 2011

‘It is extremely rewarding to receive such a positive feedback from our members, I take this opportunity to pass on the Club’s sincere thanks. We would also like to congratulate you for living the RAC values, keep up the excellent work’.

Certificate of Excellence nomination, 2016

‘An RAC member – called to let us know how happy she was with Denmark Patrol, Michael Collins. She said ‘He was great with the family and leaves the impression that he really enjoys what he does for a living’.

RAC Member

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